The 10 foods that I keep stocked at all times

Hello everyone. I hope your weekend is treating you well. I just came back from a 5 year old’s birthday party where I was surrounded by cake and chips and soda and all sorts of…junk (and if you have to know, I avoided the chips and soda; had a bunless hamburger, veggies, and a small piece of cake- success!). And it got me thinking about all the foods that I love to have ready at all times to keep me on the right track. So here are my top ten, in no particular order. 🙂


1. Lemon water. There is a lot of talk about how good lemon water is for the body (aiding digestion, helping with weight loss) but there is very little in research to back this up. It is an Ayurvedic tradition to start each morning with a warm glass of water and lemon to wake up the body but personally I drink it because it’s more fun than plain water and makes me drink more; plus it’s a good dose of vitamin C. I do like to have a glass first thing when I wake, but I also drink it throughout the day. Not feeling in a lemon mood? Other citrus, berries, herbs, and cucumbers also make great additions to a plain glass of water.

2. Hard boiled eggs. I love eggs. It’s such a great protein source for any time of day but I don’t always have time to make them scrambled or anything. Hard boiled solves that problem and also creates a great portable snack. One of my favorite snacks is a hard boiled egg and a piece of fruit. Protein and fiber- can’t go wrong with that!

3. And on that note- fresh fruit. I always always always have fresh fruit available. I  have bowls of cut up strawberries or melons or grapes in the fridge with apples and oranges on the counter (dependent on season). Fruit is chock full of vitamins and minerals and fiber and it’s easy to grab and go.

4. Cooked chicken. On the weekends I love to poach 3-4 chicken breasts (the same time that I hard boil a dozen eggs) for use throughout the week. It’s great to top salads, throw in a lettuce wrap, or toss with some steamed veggies. This is actually what I eat most lunches and it saves me a lot of hassle in the morning trying to figure out what to pack.

5. Hummus. Hummus is great in a multitude of ways. It’s delicious, provides protein and fiber and can be used in lots of ways. A super easy snack is cut up veggies with hummus. I’ve also been known to spread it on a sandwich or lettuce wrap layered with sliced cucumbers, tomato, and sprouts. Mmm. 🙂 But please please read labels or make your own. There can be some pretty funky ingredients in pre-made hummus.

6. Frozen ripe bananas. Have you seen the craze lately? Banana ice cream! You take frozen super ripe bananas and blend them with just a splash of milk to make “ice cream”. It’s heavenly and great for those HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING SWEET cravings. But I also love love love them in smoothies. My personal favorite right now is 2 frozen bananas, 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk, 1 Tbsp all natural peanut butter, and 1 scoop vanilla protein powder and sometimes a spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder. It’s amazing and feels totally naughty, but is so good for you! Ripe bananas are naturally super sweet, so they’re great as a sugar substitute in all sorts of baking recipes too.

7. Cut up veggies. A no-brainer right? But studies have shown that if you make healthy foods readily available, you are more likely to eat them. So on the weekends, when I have more time I love to prepare a ton of veggies for munching, steaming, sauteing, or whatever else strikes my fancy. It all depends on the season but if they’re ready to go, I eat them way more often.

8. Frozen veggies. On the flipside, sometimes you can’t prep the veggies ahead of time or just didn’t get the chance to; which is why I love frozen vegetables. Frozen veggies have all the same nutritional content as fresh but can be a lot more convenient. Organic is ideal, but if it’s not possible, I’d rather you ate conventional veggies than none at all. I especially love veggie mixes. I usually always have a stir-fry mix on hand. Toss some precooked chicken and cup or two of frozen veggies in a skillet  with some garlic and ginger and dinner is done. Yum!

9. Nuts and nut butters. Nuts are amazing for you. They are full of good fats and fiber and protein which keep you fuller longer. I love to keep a variety of nuts around to use in all sorts of ways. Nuts are great chopped and tossed on a salad, or toasted and thrown in some steamed veggies. I always keep a container of homemade trail mix in my pantry (mixed unsalted nuts, unsweetened dried fruit, unsweetened coconut, unsalted sunflower or pumpkin seeds). I also love all natural nut butters. You need to make sure you are reading the labels though. Conventional peanut butters are full of really nasty ingredients. The only ingredient you want to read is the nut itself- that’s all. Nut butters are great with apples or celery sticks, in smoothies, or used in sauces. So many options and all of them delicious!

10. Green leafy vegetables. Lots and lots and lots of them. Greens are amazing in a multitude of ways. They are chock full of fiber and tons of vitamins and minerals. I aim to have at least one serving each day. I love sauteed kale, spinach in soups, or just big green salads. Any way to use them they are sooo good for you. Aim for the darkest greens you can find and eat as many as you like. Promise. You’ll never gain weight by eating too many greens. 🙂

There you have it. Those are my top ten. Are they the most glamorous? No. The most original? No. But they are healthy, convenient, and relatively easy on the wallet. These are the foods I always have on hand for whatever my needs.

What foods do you reach for time and time again?


Love and joy,



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