The Four Hunger Superheroes!

Dun Dun Duuuun!!! Here to save the day, the Fantastic Four, fighting hunger and grumbling bellies everywhere!!!

Ok, so I’m in a bit of a wacky mood, but seriously, I want to share with you my 4 secrets to staying full and keeping you from crumbling under temptation. These four items should be represented in nearly every meal or snack you eat. They will help keep you safe from evil genius Dr. Hunger and the seductive temptress Ms. Craving. Cue thematic music. 🙂




1. Protein

Protein slows down any sort of crazy blood sugar response to your food. It helps your body break down your meal at a steady rate, versus straight up carbohydrates that tend to spike your blood sugar and drop rapidly. Rapid blood sugar drops signal your body that you are hungry… even if you just scarfed down 6 doughnuts 30 minutes ago. 🙂 Protein also helps to rebuild any torn muscle tissue from all those great workouts you’re doing…right?

Some great sources of protein are:



Lean beef or pork




*Protein powder… there are some good ones out there that are great for making protein smoothies for a convenient after workout meal, but please read labels very carefully. I would recommend checking out Whole Foods or Amazon for a vegan, low sugar (but not fake sugar!!!), naturally flavored brand. But please, do not make this your main source of protein, ie, drinking 3 shakes a day or something. Whole food is always your best way to go.


2. Water

A lot of times we confuse our bodies signal for thirst with hunger. If you feel hungry, but you ate within the past 2 hours, try drinking a glass of water and waiting 15-20 minutes. You should also be drinking water with every meal. A lot of vitamins are water soluble, but it also helps to fill you up faster. I recommend always always always carrying a BPA free water bottle with you. Sip it throughout the day to keep yourself satisfied. Bored with plain water? Try adding lemon slices, or berries, or mint leaves, or cucumber slices… all sorts of options. Lastly, tap water is more highly regulated than bottled, so stay away from the prepackaged stuff. That said, there are a lot of additives in tap water, so your best bet is to buy a filtering system and filter your own water. They even make ones now that are IN a water bottle already, no added step. Crazy!


3. Fiber

Ahhhh fiber. You gotta love it and you gotta…digest it. 🙂 There are 3 reasons why fiber is fabulous! First, it fills you up faster. Second, it helps aid in the elimination of waste. Yay! Third, it’s harder for your body to digest so it burns more calories to digest high fiber food than low fiber food. Yes, your body burns calories digesting. No, this is not the secret to weight loss. Please don’t go out and down a whole bottle of fiber pills. Your body’s best source of fiber is whole foods; fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Because it takes longer to digest, it helps keep your blood sugar from spiking, which keeps you fuller longer, and keeps you from diving head first into that chocolate cake at your cousins birthday party… just saying.

4. Fat

Don’t give me an evil look, I like fat. I have no fear of fat. If you’re new to this blog you should check out my nutritional breakdown, here. Now, fat is another one of those fabulous compounds that keeps our blood sugar from spiking (which causes that lovely hunger roller coaster we all know and love) and plummeting and keeps us full longer. Plus, there are loads of fat soluble vitamins and minerals that can’t be absorbed without it. And it’s a great source of energy for our bodies. That’s not to say you should go eat a stick of butter, portions are important too. But a small amount of fat in every meal is important for satiety and to help you absorb all the goodies from all those fruit and veggies you’re eating. 🙂 The best sources of fat come from actual foods- nuts, avocados, olives, coconut; but olive oil, butter, and coconut oil have their places too.


So those are the super heroes, and like I said before, each one of those should really make an appearance in every meal or snack you have. Need some help figuring out how to combine them?

Here are some super simple ideas to get you started:


Chicken (protein) with olive oil (fat) and spices with a side of veggies (fiber)

Salad veggies (fiber) with steak (protein) and vinaigrette (fat)

Fish (protein) with veggies (fiber) and a tbsp of butter (fat)


Chicken (protein) and bean (fiber) chili topped with avocado (fat)



Apple (fiber) with all natural peanut butter (protein and fat)

Dried fruit (fiber) and nuts (protein and fat)

Hard boiled egg (protein and fat) and banana (fiber)

Carrot sticks (fiber) with hummus (fat and protein)


See, it’s actually pretty easy. A combination of fiber, fat, and protein (plus a glass of water) at every meal will help keep hunger and cravings at bay, aid with weight loss, and keep you on the right track!


Love and Joy,




On a side note: simple carbohydrates and sugar CAUSE that blood sugar roller coaster which makes you feel hungry, causing you to eat more calories than you need, and making your body store fat. Stay way…far away!!!


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