Workout Wednesday: Jump Around

Oh I am soooo excited to share this one with you. I’ve been working on it for a while. It’ll get your whole body moving and you will definitely be feeling it tomorrow. So grab a jump rope and “jump around!!”


Jump Around (1)


There are 3 columns of exercises. The first has an arm or core exercise. The 2nd has a jumping exercise. The 3rd has a static (or still) movement. Follow each row for one exercise from each column. Do each exercise for 1 minute and rest 1 minute after each row. Get ready to sweat!!! 🙂

Each exercise should be pretty self explanatory. The only ones you may get confused on are static lunge left/right (that means to go into a front lunge (back leg straight) with either your left or right leg in front. The reverse plank has you in plank position, but flipped on your back (just get in plank and flip over- you’ll see what I mean).


Love and Joy,



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