Your Greatest Weapon

I was perusing pinterest the other day, and I saw a quote posted, that said,

“One burger won’t make you fat… just like one salad won’t make you skinny”.

This really hit home to me because it touches on one of my “Achilles heel’s”- consistency.  This is what I struggle with the most. I guess you could say I’m really consistent at being inconsistent. I tend to get bored, wiggly, antsy, unmotivated, whiny; whatever you want to call it, I have trouble sticking with things. And it sucks too, because I know that I’m doing it. I tend to drop out on things at the last minute, give up on myself right before the goal is met, and drop the ball right when it’s most important. I don’t know if it’s a fear of failure, or a fear of success but for whatever reason consistency is hard for me.

Consistency is what turns dreams to realities, goals into accomplishments, and “I want to” into” I did”- in any realm of life. It’s your greatest weapon when it comes to your health, relationships, work, home, etc. Consistency is about taking knowledge that you have and putting into practice, and turning that practice into a habit. Creating good habits is what gives you the momentum to really change your life. Yes, you can know what to do. But until you do it and do it often, all that knowledge means nothing.

Yes I know that flossing is good for me… but until I do it everyday twice a day, I’ll never reap the benefits.

Yes I know that I should eat whole foods… but until I do it for breakfast. lunch, and dinner, I’ll never reap the benefits.

Yes I know that a full night of sleep is good for me…but until I turn off the tv and put down my phone and actually go to sleep at an appropriate hour every night, I will never reap the benefits of being well rested, more energetic, and having lower stress hormones.

See that’s the key! Knowledge, Action, Repetition.

Yes you can workout. You can have the pricey gym membership, own all the equipment, have dozens of workout dvds, have read tons of books, but until it is put into practice and repeated day in and day out you will never see the benefits and never know how amazing you can be!

For me, I think I let my mind get in the way. I create excuses and don’t follow through. I fear the unknown (but I’ve always been “fat”), fear failure (but what if I don’t lose the weight), or fear success (then what will I obsess about?).

Accountability is one of those ways to combat that inner voice. I meet friends for workouts, my husband and family know of my nutrition goals, and I keep a log (post coming soon) so that I have a record of each goal I have met, and those I’m still working on.

I also try to remember that one oops does not change my outcome. Yes, I will make mistakes. I will miss a workout. I will eat a candy bar. But I will not do it every day. And I will not let it become a habit. I will accept the mistake. Learn from it and move on. “One burger will not make me fat, just as one salad won’t make me skinny”.

To reach our goals we need to turn our knowledge into action, then turn those actions into habits. No it’s not glamorous. And no, it’s not fun; but it’s what is necessary to get to where we want to go.


How do you keep consistent? How do you stick to your goals?


Love and Joy,



PS: Below are pics from my hubby’s bday celebration in San Francisco. It was a perfect day!

2013-09-22 11.40.34 2013-09-22 12.22.52

2013-09-22 11.59.39We got to see an America's Cup race!

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