Dealing with frustration

Hello everyone out there in blogland! How are you? How is your No Excuses November going? If you follow me on Facebook at all (Find my page at you can see what I’m doing each day. I would love to know what y’all have been up to.


I hit a bit of a road block today. On the past few runs I’ve been on, I’ve been getting an aching pain in my left ankle. It’s not painful enough that I know something’s broken or twisted, or anything like that; but it is enough of a pain that it makes me stop running. And it sucks. Thankfully my good running buddy is a physical therapist assistant so she was able to go over it with me to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong. She now has me on a regimen of icing 3 times a day, massaging out my calf muscle regularly, and performing several strengthening and balance building exercises for my calves and ankles.

This is one of those parts of working out and exercising that people usually hate the most. Injuries tend to do one of two things to people- either defeat them, or anger them. I am currently in the angry stage. I had just gotten used to my new decreased mileage time that I had worked so hard to achieve and now I’m benched. “Just send me in coach! I can do it!” Limp limp limp. Ugh. And when people are unable to recover from their injury, they usually become defeated and give up.

It’s taken me a long time, a list of injuries, and a few humbling realizations to come to the point where I willing stretch, ice, and massage. None of these things are fun, but you know what? Being injured isn’t either. Regularly taking care of your muscles and joints enables you to continue to workout and enjoy your sport. We must take care of our body if we want it to perform for us.

So this is my new game plan: 

Continue my daily 10 min stretch routine (flexibility thwarts injury)

Add 10 min of daily self massage (foam roller/triggerpoint kit/ husbands hands 😉 ) *You can find foam rollers or TriggerPoint Kits at most sports stores or amazon.com61dcBl5wxgL._SL1500_

Ice 3x a day until pain subsides. Continue to ice after especially hard or long workouts or if anything is particularly achy.

Do balance training exercises weekly to build muscles around ankles. *Bosu balls or other balance trainers can be found at most sports retailers or amazon.com71RvchNHb+L._SL1500_

Run no more than 3x a week, do strength at least 2x a week, increase yoga to 2x a week.



I really feel that when I don’t keep my exercise routine well balanced and varied, I tend to get more injuries. Perhaps this will finally teach me to keep a workout journal, huh? 🙂

I used to do a lot of yoga and it really seemed to keep me injury and pain free. I think it’s because yoga mixes balance and strength training with flexibility so that not only are all your muscles limber, but your body is stronger and your balance is better. This means strong muscles won’t have to compensate for weak ones as much (one of the leading causes of injuries from endurance exercises). I really need to get back in the habit.

I’m going to work on building a balance training routine and I’ll make sure to share it with you guys the moment I get the pictures taken. I’m hoping to get that up soon.

But for now, back to the ice, and readying myself for a nice 3 day weekend starting with date night tonight with my hubby (netflix and cheat night pizza!)


What do you do to stay injury free? Battling any injuries yourself?


Love and Joy



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