Thanksgiving: A day to celebrate family, friends, and our many blessings

Happy Thursday everyone! We are one week out from Thanksgiving, and I have to tell you… I am WAY excited. Mostly because for the first time, I will be hosting. My husband and I got married almost 4 months ago and this year, my parents and siblings will be joining us at our home for Thanksgiving. I’m my Mother’s daughter, and love to throw a party so I can’t wait. I know there will only be 6 of us, and it won’t be extravagant or anything, but I am still really really excited.

I wanted to share with you the recipes that I will be using (thank you Pinterest!!!) for our feast as well as the Thanksgiving decor and activities. I hope you find this list helpful, informative, and above all- good for body, mind, and soul. πŸ™‚ Man, I love me a holiday!!


Feast- main dishes, side dishes, appetizers



Not So Humble Pie’s Herb Butter Turkey….can you say, “yum!!!!”?



Once Upon a Chef’s roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, pecans, and maple syrup… I’m drooling already



The Kitchn’s Spiced Cranberry Sauce… a Thanksgiving Essential (minus the brown sugar)



Bed Bath and Beyond’s (I know right?!?) Ginger and Honey Glazed Carrots



The Taste of Home’s Spinach Citrus Salad… always a great idea to have a few cold dishes- and this one has lots of holiday flavors!



Living Well Kitchen’s Pumpkin hummus… a great appetizer to keep people happy while waiting for the big feast



Crockpot 365’s Crockpot Cornbread Stuffing… I’m not a huge fan of stuffing inside the bird, and crockpot’s are AMAZING, so I definitely love this one!



Babies and Biscuits’ Sweet Potato Au Gratin… I wanted to do something a little bit different and this sounded sooo yummy!



Simply Whole Kitchen’s Cranberry Brie Appetizer… another great pre-dinner idea. Obviously this one is not an everyday recipe, but great for a holiday πŸ™‚



No Utensil Unused’s Roasted Garlic Green Beans… green beans are a Thanksgiving mainstay, and these look delicious!!!


IMG_7995_web copy

I’m starting a new tradition this year with a Book of Thanks, a great way to remember year to year what we are thankful for….Eighteen25’s Book of Thanks

Each year that we can, my husband and I like to participate in our local Turkey Trot. It’s a great way to be active on an indulgent day, and to give back (our’s donates to local food shelters). Find one at


Such a great idea if you have a lot of kid’s in your family. Plus it gets everyone out of the house and moving. Family Fun’s Thanksgiving Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt


Because really, nothing says Thanksgiving quite like Charlie. Enjoy your pie and a sweet TV Special at 8pm (local time) on ABC


For my family, it is important to remember who has blessed us beyond comparison. These Printable Scripture Cards from Rachel Wojo are a great way to do that. I think I will be attaching them to to-go boxes as a parting gift. πŸ™‚




This will be our centerpiece this year. Such a cool idea! Pumpkin vases from Amazing Interior Design


I love the simplicity of this…container + autumn stuff + candles. Even I can do that. πŸ™‚ Centerpiece from Bs2h


A free printable alphabet from Shanty-2-chic to create the banner of your choosing- awesome!

There you have it! A ton of fabulous ideas for delicious food, beautiful and easy decor, and some new (and old) traditions. Check them out, give them a try, and let me know what you think! I’ll make sure to post pictures from my first Thanksgiving next week.

Love and joy,














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