Cut the Crud: December Challenge

This month, as you are bombarded with sweets, treats, and parties galore, I want you to focus on our December Challenge. Each week will have a new small goal for you to work towards. The weeks are cumulative; meaning you add each new goal, while continuing the goal from the week before. By the end of the month you’ll be one big step closer to eating much cleaner and attaining your health goals.

Who’s ready to take this challenge with me?

Cut the Crud- December Challenge (2)

You’ll noticed I’ve added some extra credit as well- getting a full night’s sleep every night. This is extremely important in fighting higher levels of stress (shopping, parties, budgets, oh my!) and giving our willpower that extra umph it needs to say “no” to all the goodies we will be surrounded with.

If you want, grab a buddy, and keep each other accountable. This is a great way to stay on track, and help a friend attain her goals as well.

Love and joy,



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