12 Asanas of Christmas- Day 1

Day 1 of the 12 Asanas of Christmas.

As we go through this practice, for each motion I want you to create an affirmation. A positive thought about yourself and the world around you.

For example:

1- I am strong

2- I am capable

3- I am worthy

4- I am loved


Our lives are so full of negative thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Surrounding ourselves with positivity- especially positive self talk does immeasurable good. When a person is working to lose weight, increase fitness, or better themselves it can become habit to see what is “wrong”; to see all the bad and none of the good. But it is only when we start focusing on all of the amazing things that we ARE, all of the wonderful things that we CAN do, that we finally allow ourselves to make mistakes, and in that we learn and grow. And it is only when we allow ourselves some grace that we then can bestow it upon those around us.

By giving each motion an affirmation, and then practicing that motion over and over, that affirmation becomes habit. That positive thought becomes habit. And so when life become difficult, and challenges are faced, you have something to fall back on; a way to remind yourself that you are capable, loved, worthy, etc. It can become a way to bring your mind back in focus when life gets “fuzzy”.

With that in mind, our first asana is:

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

I apologize for the devil eyes and the lopsided tree topper. 🙂 Tree Pose is an amazing pose all by itself. Try to hold as long as possible on each side. Start with 30 sec, then 45, then 60… and on. Your foot can be placed on your calf or inner thigh. Do not put it on your knee; it’s bad for the joint. To help with balance find a fixed point a few feet in front of you and focus on it. Your standing leg should be flexed while you should be focusing on pushing your bent leg out. Try to keep your hips level. To make it harder, try raising your arms above your head. Repeat your mantra as you balance.

The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile.  ~Plato

Love and Joy,



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