12 Asanas of Christmas- Day 2

12 Asanas of Christmas- Day 2

Wide legged forward bend

Wide legged forward bend

Spread legs far apart. Reach up high, then lean forward as far as possible, hinging at the hips. Then bend over your legs. Hand on knees, calves, ankles, or on the floor in front of you. Weight should be on your toes to lengthen the back of your legs. You should feel like you are about to fall forward. Just like in tree pose, start with a 30 second hold, then gradually move up to a longer time period. Breathe deeply. Forward folds are a great way to bring new blood to the brain while compressing the torso, detoxing the lungs and stomach. When exhaling, flex the abdominal muscle to squeeze all the stale air out of your lungs. When coming back up, roll your spine slowly, otherwise you might get dizzy if you do it too quickly.

Love and joy,



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