Joyful January: Monthly Challenge

So it’s the beginning of a new year. While most health blogs might use this time to talk to you about setting goals, making resolutions, and kicking it “up a notch”… that’s not what we will be talking about here at The Rihel Life.

No. Instead, I want to discuss, joy. Not personal joy, but the joy that surrounds us. The joy that we see in other people’s faces, in their laughter, in their smiles.

This kind of joy may not be our own, but it can greatly affect us.

Moods are “catching”. They can spread from person to person. And if we work to increase other’s joy, then it can spread, like a wild fire.

This month, our challenge is not to eat better, or exercise more; but to increase the joy around us.

Each day I have a small act of kindness. Some are very simple; a hug or a smile. Others take some more thought, time, or a small amount of money- sending a thank you card, doubling your tip, etc. But each of these small acts works to build up the joy in our environment, which in turn increases our own joy.

You see, at the beginning of each year I think about what I could possibly do differently to make this next year better… and yes, I could lose a few pounds, or eat more salad, but that only affects me. This year, I want to do something that changes the world around me. And just imagine, if only I do these small acts, then only my surroundings are changed. But if everyone here does it, that’s a lot of joy going around. And since joy spreads easily, it will grow, exponentially.

Join me. Have a Joyful January and a Joyful New Year!January Challenge (1)

Love, joy, and a Happy New Year!!!



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