Book Review: Eat Naked by Margaret Floyd

I recently picked up a copy of Margaret Floyd’s book Eat Naked at my local library. I had seen her Eat Naked cookbook, but hadn’t yet dived into her full narrative. And let me just tell you- this is THE BEST book on nutrition that I have read to date. Not only is it compact (I read it in 1 day), but it’s easy to understand, has several easy to try recipes, and it’s nicely organized for when you want to go back and look something up. Finally! Someone that understands that nutrition does not need to be extremely complicated, but instead, simple is better. I felt like I was reading the notes of a kindred spirit. It made me SOOOO happy. Really. My poor husband had to deal with me talking about it for DAYS.

EatNaked cover 1

Floyd’s food philosophy is very similar to what I have been touting here on The Rihel Life.

Eat. REAL. Food. 


She explains that many of our current physical ailments, diseases, conditions stem back to what we are putting in our bodies.And it makes sense right? Our bodies are literally created out of our food, so it serves logic that if we were eating junk, we would feel like junk.


She pushes real, whole, Naked foods. Naked foods are the most unprocessed, unpolluted foods possible. These foods grow on trees or out of the ground organically, are unpackaged, fresh and in season, local, and/or minimally prepared.


Floyd breaks down each food group from produce to meat to dairy to fish explaining what your good, better, and best options are in each category. She explains the sustainability of each item and how to find the most naked foods possible.


She also explains how each food group affects your body and how to get the most nutrients out of each one. For example, she discusses the need to soak grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes to reduce certain compounds in those foods that cause digestive distress.


One of my favorite chapters is the one on fat. Too long has fat been demonized in our society and Floyd offers a breath of fresh air and common sense when it comes to this all important food group. Fat is NECESSARY to our bodies; to make certain hormones, to help specific vitamins be absorbed, to give your body a sense of fullness and satisfaction when eating and SO much more.


And to round it all out, Floyd gives great tips on shopping Naked, cooking Naked (not recommended with hot oil, ;-p), and living Naked. She includes many simple and tasty recipes as well as a great discussion about how this is not a diet, but a lifestyle, and it’s not an end all-be all, but rather a way of looking at food; giving you the ability to “cheat” every once in a while without remorse.



I wholeheartedly recommend this book (and the companion cookbook) to every single man, woman, and child on the face of this planet. If I could, I would gift wrap a bazillion copies and ship them out to all over the world. Eat Naked is a revolution, a healthy, simple, beautiful, and sustainable revolution. I urge each and every one of you to pick up a copy, read it through, make some lifestyle changes, and pass it on to a friend. You won’t regret it.


Love and Joy,



(PS, I do not know Margaret Floyd, and she doesn’t know me. I get nothing from reviewing this book, other than the joy of knowing you might go out, read it, and change how you see food and our food system. So really, no dilly dallying- go get the book! 🙂 )

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