Workout Wednesday: Heart Attack- Cardio Partner Workout

Here’s an activity to really get you and you hunny sweatin’. In this cardio partner workout, 1 person will be running (or briskly walking) a quarter mile, while the other person does a set of upper body and core exercises. Once the first partner is done running, they switch. Start with 4 rotations, and work all the way up to 8 (that’s 2 miles!). Not only will this get your heart pumping but it’s a great whole body workout.

Heart Attack- Cardio Partner Workout

This is a great workout to do at your local highschool track. Partner 1 can do laps, while partner 2 is working on a yoga mat in the middle. If that’s not available try doing laps around your block. You could also use an online map feature (such as google maps or to mark out .25 miles in your neighborhood.

For the running portion you don’t want to be all out sprinting, but neither do you want to be doing this as a light jog. You should not be able to talk easily. Only a few words at a time. You will be only running for a few minutes each rotation, so give it all you have!


Start in plank position with your hands under your shoulders. Lower down to at least 90 degrees, then lift back up. If this is too hard, try it on your knees (but make sure your back is nice and straight). Always start at your hardest level, and drop to your knees when needed.

Flutter Kicks: 

Lying on your back with your legs straight out, place your hands underneath your hips. Stick your feet straight in the air and lower down till just hovering above the ground. Lift your head as if doing a crunch. Move your feet quickly back and forth. This is not a big movement, roughly 12 inches. The higher your feet are in the air, the easier the motion. Again, start at your hardest level.

Tricep Dips: 

Start in table top position. Lower down 90 degrees, then push back up. You can also do this on a bench or chair (just make sure it’s sturdy so it doesn’t move around).


Lying on your back with your arms up over head and your legs straight out, lift your body till your torso creates a “V” reaching your hands to meet your feet. Keep your legs as straight as possible. To make it easier, you can alternate legs.

Plank Leg Lifts: 

Start in plank position either on your hands or elbows. Alternately lift your legs as high as possible without changing your body position. Try not to rock your body as you do this to reduce momentum.

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