Sugar Detox: March Challenge

Happy March! Spring is finally starting to rear it’s head, and it’s the time of rebirth, growth, and new challenges.

This month we are tackling sugar. Sugar is the #1 cause, I believe, of obesity and weight gain. So much can be gained from reducing or eliminating sugar from one’s diet. But… it’s addictive. And extremely hard to “quit”. I recommend a detox as a way to purge the affects of sugar from your system. It’s tough, no fun, but completely worth it- and we are going to tackle it together.


March Challenge- Sugar Detox (2)

For a complete sugar detox, I urge you to rid your fridge and cupboards of all foods with over 9g of sugar as well as all “white” foods. These processed carbohydrates turn to straight sugar in your body and can spike your glucose levels (blood sugar) which then come crashing down causing unnecessary ravenous hunger. No pasta, white rice, white potatoes, white bread, etc. If you are going to eat a grain- make it a whole one; brown rice, oatmeal, 100% whole wheat bread, quinoa, and so on. Also, always make sure to include protein and fat in every meal (as well as water!) to keep blood sugar levels even and your hunger at bay.

Not gonna lie… you will probably feel really really crappy the first couple of days. But knowing that does make it somewhat easier. 🙂 And also know that it does subside. After the first few days you will start feeling a million times better, more energetic, have less inflammation, and start seeing your weight drop (if you have weight to lose). Simple sugars are toxic to the body and it will take some time for those toxins to flush from your system. After the month long detox, I fully recommend continuing the detox, but I know that life happens and sugar happens. Try to stay clear of any processed sugars and try to only use honey (raw!) or maple syrup to sweeten your foods (if you choose too).

I would love to know how you feel at the end of this month. Comment, tweet, and let me know how it goes!

Love and joy,



3 Comments on “Sugar Detox: March Challenge

  1. Ok so I have been wanting to do this. So this is awesome the only thing is I have no one to hold me accountable ( I am horrible I will lie to myself LOL) and hubby …. yeah. But what do you say wanna help hold me accountable so I can get through this. I am so addicted to sugar, I know I am and it is bad. 🙂 Wanna kick this horrible habit once and for all!

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