Workout Wednesday: Jump It Move It Hold It

Not gunna lie…. this one’s tough.

I broke each movement into three stages- plyometric (jumping/hopping/bounding/speed), dynamic (full range of motion), and static (hold). This will not only get your heart rate up (increasing cardio endurance and calorie expenditure) but by working each muscle group multiple times you will increase strength, muscular endurance, and build bigger beautiful muscles. This workout really hits it all. And it’s quick! It only takes 24 minutes to complete and believe me, you’ll be drenched in sweat… You’re welcome! 🙂

Do. Not. Forget. To. Warmup! This is vitally important for this workout because right out of the gate it has you jumping around which is a sure sign that you’re going to hurt something if you don’t warmup before hand. So go for a brisk walk or jog or do a few light easy movements before you start this bad boy. Make sure to complete a cooldown too, to bring your heart rate back down (again an easy walk, and some stretches will do you wonders).


Get ready to love me. ;-p


Jump It Move It Hold It


Grab some dumbbells for the “swing” and front and lateral raises, but other than that, most of the exercises utilize your body weight.




Love and joy,




PS. My test is Saturday!!!! I am sooo close to being officially certified. Yahoo!!!




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