Workout Wednesday: Start-Up Circuit

I know how hard it can be to start an exercise program. It can be so defeating to think of all the things you can’t do (yet!) that you lose sight of all the things you can. I created a routine for those that are new to exercise. It can be hard to know what to do and where to begin, so here is a good place to start. The routine I created is a circuit. That means you do all of the exercises back to back. Not only is this extremely time efficient, but it also gives your worked muscles a chance to recover while keeping your heart rate up by exercising a different muscle group. This means a higher calorie burn and higher boost for your metabolism!

Each exercise is extremely low impact, because when our bodies are deconditioned (that’s a fancy way to say it’s been a while since you’ve broken a sweat :)) it can be extremely tough and sometimes painful to do anything that is jarring on our joints. The muscles surrounding the joints are weak and unable to stabilize your body properly when you are running and jumping around. Performing low impact strength exercises build up the muscles around those joints, but also increase your metabolism throughout the day, so you are burning more calories and losing the weight that can be causing stress on those weakened joints.


Phew… that was a lot wasn’t it? 🙂 Let’s just say I’m a bit passionate about this topic.


Without further adieu, here is my Start-Up Circuit. A circuit program for beginners.

Start-Up Circuit


I want you to perform this 2-3x a week… and never back to back. Always give yourself a day in between to let your muscles recover and rebuild. As the program becomes easier for you increase the number of times you repeat the circuit (not the number of days). Start with 1 cycle through the circuit. Work up to 3 or 4 times. Alternate this workout with at least 30 minutes of walking at a quick pace (3-4x a week). As you become stronger, you can increase up to 60+ minutes of walking.


Congratulations on beginning this journey. I’m so proud of you!!


Love and Joy,



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