Small Change Saturday: Quiet Moments

This week I want you to focus on finding quiet moments. These can take shape many ways. It can be a few minutes with a cup of coffee before you turn on your phone or the tv. It can be a couple of deep breaths before you snuggle up in bed. It can also be a time of prayer or meditation. It is merely finding a 5 or 10 minute window in your day to calm your mind, slow your thoughts, and quiet yourself.

Our world is always rushing, pushing, moving, yearning. We all need a time to unwind and take a break from the day. Not only will it ease stress and tension, but it can also improve sleep, energy levels, brain function, and your creativity.

This quiet time does not need to be all in one chunk or at the same time every day, but rather small found moments of quiet for you to savor and enjoy.

Watch a sunset or your child sleeping. Take deep breaths of newly mowed grass or budding flowers. Relish in the feeling of sunshine on your skin or the sound of birds calling to each other.

Cherish where you are right this very moment. Soak it in.

Love and joy,



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