Small Change Saturday: Raise a Glass

There is nothing that can top the list of “good for you” things quite like water. Water is amazing! Not only can water do some pretty amazing things in our bodies, but even slight dehydration causes all sorts of problems, such as:


High Blood Pressure


Weight Gain

Joint Pain

Skin disorders

and soo much more.


download (6)

Water is literally our life source.
So on that note 🙂 , I’d like to encourage you to start each meal with a glass of water. Not only will it prevent dehydration, but it will also fill some of your stomach, which means you will feel fuller sooner when eating; preventing any chance of overeating.

Not a big fan of plain old water? Try adding berries, mint leaves, cucumbers, lemon or I’ve even seen jalapenos to flavor your water. I also love love love unsweetened iced tea. It feels like I’m drinking something more “substantial”, but really it’s just water with herbs or flowers of one sort or another. Plus tea has a bunch of its own health benefits too!


How do you like to drink your water? How do you make sure you get enough each day? I’d love to hear your ideas.


Love and Joy,




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