June Challenge: Pushups

This month let’s teach our bodies to do 50 pushups in a row!! Now I know pushups are one of those exercises that seem really scary and intimidating, but if you eliminate the fear, they’re really not that bad.

There are many different modifications for pushups, so start at your level and work your way up (or down as it is 🙂 ).

1. Wall pushups- a few feet away from wall in plank position

2. High incline pushup- on table or counter

3. Low incline pushup- on chair or short table

4. Kneeling pushups- with knees on ground

5. Full pushup position

If you can do 10 or more at a certain level, challenge yourself to try the next hardest level.


June Challenge- Pushups


Feel free to repeat this challenge after you have completed it, on the next hardest level.


Love and Joy,



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