July Challenge: Clear the Clutter

Hello all,


I know this comes a few days into July. My new job and schedule are taking some getting used to. But I think things are finally starting to calm down and life is starting to feel normal again.

I am loving my new job. Everything about it. I love helping people. I love discovering new tools in the running/fitness industry. I love sharing those tips with other runners/fitness enthusiasts…especially newbies. That’s my biggest passion. Helping those just starting out on their running journey is, for me, a blast. It’s such a kick to take their training to the next level and see that fire kindle. Fabulous!!

I’m also looking into coaching through my work which excites me to no end- updates on that as they come. I am so excited to see how this new path is unfolding before me. Each day is a new adventure and a blessing. Thanks to God above and my loving husband for the drive, the support, and the love which without I could never have made it this far.

All that to say…

This month let’s challenge ourselves to clear the clutter. To purge our homes and lives of that which is unnecessarily taking up our space/time/energy. Take a few minutes each day to really analyze each space in your home. Process how each item adds to or subtracts from your overall values. Do you use it often? Or does it just sit there? Does it bring back happy memories? Or does it bring guilt as it sits their unused? Relegate items to 1 of 3 piles- Keep, Donate, or Toss. No fancy organizational tips here, just simplicity. Keep that which brings you joy. Donate items that are still in good condition. Toss broken, worn, unusable items.



I have come up with a list of areas in the home to give you a guideline as you go through this process. But this is all up to your own discretion. Spend more time in the areas that need more help, and ignore the ones that you organize regularly. It’s your time to spend as you see fit.

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Master closet

Guest bedroom

Guest bathroom

Linen closet

Kid’s bedrooms/bathrooms

Play areas


Dining room

Kitchen cabinets



Living room

Family room

Coat closet







This month find space, find peace, find freedom, find your passion. Discover what brings you joy and what sucks your energy. Design your space to be purely yours. If it makes you happy, that’s all that matters. Make your home an expression of you, your desires and your goals. Create areas in you home that honor you, your family, and makes your spirit light. Enjoy this journey.

Love and joy,




One Comment on “July Challenge: Clear the Clutter

  1. Good stuff. Just have to do it! Fun reading your posts. It keeps me connected to you. Grammy

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