Small Change Saturday: Turn off the smart phone

I know I know.. this is a hard one. For me too. Our phones have become extensions of us. No longer do we just receive calls but emails, texts, pictures, notifications, videos… the list goes on.

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But finding a time to release that electronic leash and break free from the distractions is key. We are always moving so quickly now. Doing so much. Setting aside a small amount of time where we can be truly focused on what is in front of us could do us all a load of good. Find a time that works for you to turn off your phone and relish in the quiet. Those emails can wait. The world will keep spinning. Facebook will be there when you get back…. I promise. 😛

I’ve found that if I don’t set aside a firm time to put down my phone; I will be constantly on it. I tell myself I’m doing “important” work. “But Pinterest NEEDS me!!!!” Heck, it’s even gotten to the point where if I am even a little bored I pick up my phone. Instead of starting a conversation with someone or playing a game, reading a book, or heck even enjoy the thoughts in my head and listening to the birds chirping outside my window… I pick up my phone instead.

And don’t even get me started on eating out. Put down the phones people. PUT DOWN THE PHONE. You can talk to each other. It will be ok. The other person won’t bite. Can you tell that’s a pet peeve of mine? 🙂


This can take place a few ways.

1) Find a time in your day to turn your phone off for at least an hour 

– right before bed

– first thing in the morning

– after dinner during “family time”


2) Find a specific situation when/where phones are not allowed.

– meal times

– family time

– in bed


3) Pick a day in the week when you keep your phone off

– one day during the weekend or whenever your day off is

– make sure to tell your immediate family/friends of your chosen day so they know you are unavailable



Whatever will work for you. Heck- choose them all! How freeing would that be!?! …sadly I’m not that brave. Or burn the phone….whatever… man, do I have a weird love/hate relationship with my phone…. haha!


I’m working to stay away from my phone during meal times as well as first thing in the morning and right before bed. I’ve found giving myself that hour after waking and hour before bed to take some me-time, snuggle time, coffee/tea time; has worked really well. It eases me into the day and eases me into sleep. It gives me a distraction free time to read, journal, meditate/pray, do my devotion and prepare for my day. It’s a life changer.


I challenge you to find a time that would work for you. Think about your routines, your habits and choose an option that will fit into your day. I know it will be hard in the beginning but you will reap so many rewards.




How do you stay sane in this crazy distraction filled world?



Love and Joy,




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