Cue the Nerves…

Well…now I’ve done it.


I signed myself up for another marathon.

This time for my birthday next year. May 3rd. I figured 26 miles for 26 years, right? Totally sounds logical. 🙂


I have to tell you though, I am already nervous. I have done one other marathon, years ago, and I finished but it didn’t go very well. I trained by myself, over-trained and wore myself thin.

I also found out soon after the finish that I was severely anemic. Well… that explained a lot.

But I’m going to do it again. I’m going to train smarter. Do a lot more cross training. And I know a lot more about myself, running, and training in general now than I did 5+ years ago. Plus I’ve got a handle on this whole anemic thing.


So I’m excited too. I’m going to take this giant leap and I’m going to finish strong. I’m going to push myself, my limits, and I’m going to conquer this nagging fear.

Cue the “Rocky” theme song. 🙂



So with that, I challenge you to face your fears. To conquer your goals. What fitness goal scares you the most? Finally losing all that weight? Doing a pull up? Taking Tae Kwan Do? You are so much greater than your fear. You have the ability. You always have. It’s time to finally decide to break down that barrier and reach that goal. You with me? What challenge will you take up today?


Love and Joy,



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