The Week Ahead

Hello beauties… it’s me again. It’s been awhile hasn’t it. Life has been NUTS!

I’ve had quite the past few weeks.

You all know that just about 5 months ago I took a new job at a specialty running store here in Sacramento (where my husband also works). Can I just say, that I have been LOVING it! It’s amazing how one change can make such a difference in your life. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was till I became…happy. Is that weird? I love going to work. I love interacting with people. I LOVE my job. And there is so much opportunity for growth. I think that’s one of the biggest things. To be honest, being a nanny was a lot of fun; I love working with kids, but there was no chance for growth. It was what it was and there was no forward momentum. Now, I could have gotten a different nanny job, but I would have been in the same boat. The job is what it is, the kids age, I’m out of a job. Over and over. I wanted, no NEEDED some place where I could really stretch and grow and push beyond my boundaries.

Now I have the chance to work hard and move forward. In fact, my boss asked me to take over and revamp one of the free classes we offer and I could not be more happy about it. It’s an opportunity to really share with people my love of movement and hopefully encourage them to move more and enjoy it more. Running is an amazing community and I really feel apart of it now. Being surrounded by other like-minded people has been a life changer and I really feel myself becoming more confident and sure of my passions.

Now that said…

It has just sucked up all of my blogging time. I used to blog while the girls’ were in school and/or napping, but now I don’t have that down time, so it’s all before or after work; or on my days off. And that’s been tough. It’s been tough to really take the initiative when I’m tired or hungry or just not in the mood.

But I do love blogging. And it pains me to not have the same time that I used to.

So I want to be more intentional about it. I want to really push myself to do everything I set my mind to and be more productive with the time I do have. I want to set goals, and reach them. I want to pursue my passions and find my drive again.

So I’m sharing my goals with you all. Not just my goals for blogging, but my goals for life. I want to share weekly my hopes for the week ahead and then recap from the past week. My hope is to keep myself more accountable by being more open and public with my intentions. So without further ado….

The Week Ahead

My goals for this week: 

1) Workout 5 days a week- a combination of strength, yoga, and running

2) Blog 6 days a week- 1 day off

3) Spend 10 minutes a day being quiet- prayer, mediation

That’s it! Look out next week for my goal updates. 🙂

What are your goals? How do you plan for them?

Love and joy,



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