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Hello and welcome to my little chunk of the great blog-o-sphere. Let me start off by introducing myself. IMG_4271_edited-1

My name is Amy Rihel (pronounced r-e-a-l) and I am passionate about health, wellness, and natural living. I strive every day to do the best that I can for my body as well as for my heart and soul. It’s a constant struggle, as any journey is, but every day I’m learning and I want to share that knowledge with you.

I’ve recently become a certified personal trainer, with my ultimate goal being an all around health and wellness coach. My desire is to help others reach their goals, live their best lives, and become the best versions of themselves. I want every person to have the chance to live long, happy, healthy, joyful lives. Not only do I want to help others achieve strong healthy bodies, but also to reach a higher level of wellness in their minds and spirits. Our bodies are only one section of our whole selves, and it’s impossible to really reach a greater sense of wellness when that’s the only piece of the puzzle we focus on. When we work to better our whole selves instead of just a part, we are able to attain a level we never thought possible. And that’s my desire, to help others, like yourself, to reach and strive for that which you never thought possible.

My mission for this site is:

“To be a positive, encouraging, and compassionate resource for all those that desire to better their health, naturally.”

So welcome to my journey. I’m so glad to have you along. :)

Love and joy,





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One Comment on “Begin Here

  1. Hey Amy, thank you for stopping by my page! I read one of your posts and this section (Begin Here) and I agree about how to find joy (in the midst of struggle) so that you can push through the difficult situations and still have joy (and peace). I like what you want to do too. I also started my blog in hopes of inspiring and helping others.

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